Dining facility at Hotel Earth House | Budget hotel in KathmanduHotel Earth House is well-known for its fine food and beverage service and our relaxed and friendly environment. We offer exceptional multi-cuisine food and a variety of breakfast sets with freshly brewed organic coffee. Our in-house restauarnt serves lunch and dinner, too.

Multi Cuisine Dishes

We have been serving varieties of delicious multi cuisines for unbeatable value. Let our chefs shower you with their culinary insights, attention and perhaps one of the most remarkable meals of your life.

Drinks and Bar

In addition to neat and comfortable rooms, a good hotel requires a bar; Hotel Earth House has just the perfect one -- a place to gather for a glass of champagne, wine or beer, to sip classic colorful cocktails, or to satisfy appetites as well as to quench your thirst. Our bar also serves side dishes with a selection of snacks. Just sit back and spend some quality time enjoying the food and drinks of your choice in our bar with a free wifi zone.

Fresh Organic Coffee

Relax and unwind In the extreme comfortable bar lounge. You can relax and enjoy a choice of delicious freshly brewed organic coffee, tea and healthy fruit juices. The Organic Coffee House at Hotel Earth House and its entire team are here for you everyday from 8am till 11pm.

To learn more about our services and facilities, you can always contact us.